vadico in voice and guitar

It’s a show created by Franco Galvão and Ná Ozzetti in tribute to the composer Vadico.

In the guitar and vocals format, the repertoire includes songs that Vadico composed in partnership with Noel Rosa, such as Conversa de Botequim, Feitiço da Vila, Feitio de Oração, Cem Mil Réis, Pra que Mentir?, Mais um Samba Popular; and with other partners, such as Vinícius de Moraes, Marino Pinto, and Aloísio de Oliveira. 


It’s a composition that Franco Galvão created after reading “Um Defeito de Cor” (A Defect of Color) by Ana Maria Goncalves.

The composition blends the rhythms of Aguerê, a rhythm for Oxóssi, and Maculelê, a rhythm used in wartime contexts.

The piece was performed by an ensemble from the São Paulo State Youth Symphonic Band at the São Pedro Theater on September 2nd, 2023.

The concert was promoted by Emesp Tom Jobim, based on the idea of ​​creating a program that brings together the composition class with the musicians of the band.

7 string guitar and string quartet

In 2022 and 2023, Franco Galvão was invited by Southern Illinois University to participate in the activities of the School of Music and the SIU Guitar Festival as a visiting musician.

One of the activities was a concert with the SIU Chamber Music Society Versatile Ensemble String Quartet, for which Franco Galvão prepared the arrangements.

ninguém sabe como

In 2022, the São Paulo State Youth Symphonic Band performed the composition ‘Ninguém Sabe Como” (No one knows how), a composition by Franco Galvão in partnership with Cristovão Bastos.

The concert took place at the São Pedro Theater in São Paulo on September 17th, 2022. The conductor was Leonardo Labrada.

one year of solitude

It’s a solo guitar concert conceived during the most severe period of the Covid-19 pandemic, when Franco Galvão was completely isolated.

From this experience arose a subtle musical spectacle, marked by dedication and challenge.

Supported by the ProAC Expresso Lei Aldir Blanc 2021, from the State Government of São Paulo, the project conducted live performances through the social media platforms of various cultural spaces.

In 2022 and 2023, Franco Galvão toured this spectacle across the United States. In the video, watch the concert at Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship on November 12, 2023, in Carbondale, Illinois.


n 2021, the São Paulo State Youth Symphonic Band performed the composition ‘Violeta’ by Franco Galvão.

The concert took place on November 20, the Day of Black Consciousness. In homage, the music was composed by blending Maxixe with Ijexá, two rhythms very characteristic of the African cultural heritage of Brazilian music.

The composition celebrates the arrival of little Violeta, who had just been born!


In 2019, Franco Galvão and Fernando Sagawa received an award to do an artist residency at Rainbow Studio, located in Oslo, Norway.

Rainbow Studio is one of the main studios of the ECM Records jazz label, whose sound characteristics are marked by spaciousness, depth and introspection.

From the residence, the musicians brought an album played in duet – guitar and saxophone – and the repertoire is composed of authoral and non authoral music, traditional and contemporary compositions.

The album is named “Espera” (Await) and it is about to be released. 

Meanwhile, listen to the track À Primeira Vista (At first sight), by Chico César, in a instrumental version.

dominguinhos canta em três

“Dominguinhos sings in three” is a musical concert created by Ná Ozzetti, Fernando Sagawa and Franco Galvão in which songs by Dominguinhos are performed.

With arrangements elaborated by the Duo, the show is a tender but poignant call, resulting in a sincere moment between the audience, the work and the artists.

Watch the song Sopro de Flor.

choros de guerra-peixe

In celebration of César Guerra-Peixe’s centenary, Franco Galvão conceived a work to record a set of choros composed by the maestro.

After months of research, the original scores were brought from the Jane Guerra-Peixe Collection, and unveiled a very interesting and little-known repertoire.

The disc was released in 2016 and features 11 songs. The work had Jayme Vignoli and Nailor Proveta for the arrangements and musical direction.

Along with the CD, the project produced a songbook, which was sent to many research and teaching music institutions.

Watch the show held at Espaço CPFL, in Campinas.

deixa raiar

Franco Galvão and Fernando Sagawa have produced the album “Deixa Raiar”(2020), by singer Gabriela Raia.

In addition to writing the arrangements for the singer’s songs, the musicians recorded several instruments, directed the recording sessions, produced the electronic effects and decided on how the final results of mixing and mastering would sound.

The work was conceived having in mind the combination between several elements of Brazilian music, always focusing on rhythm and poetry.

The songs have been released little by little. Listen to Gabriela Raia’s work on Spotify.